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100% Pure Black Tea Long Last Liquid Eyeliner

Finding a high-quality cruelty-free and vegan liquid eyeliner can prove to be quite the difficult task. Add natural and made with organic ingredients to the list, and you may feel like giving up before you even start.

As luck would have it, 100% Pure makes a wonderful liquid eyeliner for all of purists out there. The Black Tea Long Last Liquid Eyeliner contains all-natural ingredients including organic black tea, organic aloe, oregano leaf, thyme, rosemary, and honeysuckle. The result is a highly pigmented, long lasting, and smudge-proof liquid eyeliner. Although it can sometimes be a challenge to apply liquid eyeliner against the lash line, the precision of the brush makes application a breeze. Be sure to wait about 30 seconds before allowing contact between the lined lash line and the tops of eyelid (such as by looking up or blinking), as this product takes a bit of time to dry.