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HIKI Deodorant Review

It is safe to say we are obsessed with HIKI and its line of deodorants. They are aluminum-free, baking soda-free, and made with odor-neutralizing probiotics, three forms of ultra-moisturizing coconut, silica to absorb moisture, zinc to deodorize, and anti-fungal, anti-microbial radish root. Additionally, the formula glides on so super smooth and does not leave behind a white residue. We also have to mention the amazing scents: tangerine, tea tree mint, and wood. All of these fragrances smell incredible; the wood scent is actually a surprise because it does not smell how you would imagine and is very versatile and unisex; it may be our favorite of the scents. Packaging is recyclable, including the shipping packaging, and shipping is free! PS: Check out the amazing body wipes, for when you need to feel clean and showering isn’t in the immediate future. Be sure to check out all that HIKI has to offer here.