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I Am Selfcare Skincare Lash + Brow Rejuvenator

One universal goal in the beauty community is to achieve luscious, voluminous eyelashes and brows. This ideal can be difficult to obtain when applying eye makeup on a daily basis which can cause the hair to become brittle and break more easily. With an array of products on the market, and many that contain chemicals, finding an all-natural, cruelty-free lash rejuvenator can be rather difficult.

I Am Selfcare Skincare provides high-quality, all-natural skincare with accompanying positive affirmations. Not only do the products make your skin look radiant, but you feel good on the inside from reading the messages. One such product, I Am Voluptuous, is the brand's lash and brow rejuvenator and comes with the statement "I am sensual, generous, prolific, and abundant." The packaging instantly provides positivity and brightens the mood. The product itself comes in a tube with a rollerball, which makes daily application clean and simple. The rejuvenator is full of natural, high-potency ingredients, which promotes thicker, fuller brows, and longer, thicker lashes. Ingredients include sea kelp, an abundance of plant extracts and oils, and beneficial acids. After applying this product to my lashes and brows every night, they feel much more nourished and healthy. Additionally, my eyebrows have grown noticably thicker in a few areas which used to be sparce. Since my eyelashes are fairly short and have endured the application of growth impeding products over the years, seeing lengthening results may take a bit longer in that area. Overall, this product is a wonderful addition to any beauty routine, whether it be minimal or high maintenance. It helps rehab your brows and lashes after a long day of being covered in cosmetics or simply a way to show that part of your face a little extra TLC.