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Moor Spa Personal Care

The start of a new year calls for celebration...and how 'bout some rejuvenation? It's a perfect opportunity for decompressing and taking some 'me time'. Moor Spa products can certainly help with this mission. Their entire line is clean, natural, environmentally conscious, and developed with the utmost safety and purity in mind.

A few items we'd like to highlight:


  • The "Moor Spa Facial Mask" consists of heilmoor clay & aqua, so it has anti-aging and healing properties, not to mention a kickstart for blood circulation. That's some powerful mud!
  • The "Kelzyme Cleansing Bar" is designed to smooth and repair aging skin. It contains sea kelp, which provides a wealth of nutrients to exfoliate at keep your skin looking youthful.
  • The "Nourishing Facial Oil", with its rosehip, kinkui, and argan oils, is not only moisturizing, but applies beautifully, as it works to prevent wrinkles and crow's feet.

With such an extensive line of fabulous products, you'll have to treat yourself to some pampering for less stress...and Moor Spa. Check out Moor Spa here.