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Sofreshskin.co Lavender Face Mist

Sometimes, no matter how healthy of a diet you have, how often you exercise, or how much you try to stick to ideal sleep patterns, the stress of the day-to-day can be unkind, and overturn all those efforts. Sofreshskin.co's Calm Lavender Face Mist is excellent for balancing out your complexion. It's designed to relax and hydrate your skin, and what better herb than lavender to get the job done? Other ingredients, such as witch hazel and tea tree oil even out skin tone by handling puffiness and discoloration. Formulated in small batches and stored in small bottles, it's easy to keep this spray close for a refresh in a pinch. Nice to know there's a face mist out there that's cruelty-free and vegan, without fragrance, sulfates, and alcohols, that gives your skin the effects of a midday power nap! Shop Sofreshskin.co here.