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VAMIGAS Botanicals Skincare

VAMIGAS Botanicals products have so much to offer- the pretty bottles are just the beginning! Their OLINDA Prickly Pear, Açaí & Chia Clarifying Cleanser does a great job removing dirt and makeup from your face, and staying gentle on your skin. The açaí contributes antioxidants and boosts collagen for anti-aging. Chia seed helps restore moisture, which 'pairs' (yeah, I said it) well with the hydrating capabilities of prickly pear. PAMPAS Yerba Mate & Açaí Balancing Face Mist, next, will even tone and tighten pores. Make it a trifecta with a drop of LUZ DE SUR Maqui, Chia, Prickly Pear & Açaí Face Oil to reduce lines and smooth you out.

VAMIGAS is fueled by a dynamic duo of Latina entrepreneurs, who have sought out the healing power of the plants native to their heritage. Wellness and self-care are at the forefront of their mission. Annnnd, some exciting news- VAMIGAS can now be found in Nordstrom locations! Super exciting to see Leaping Bunny certified, plant-based options appearing on their beauty counters!

Check out VAMIGAS here.